"Now the views I see and that musical track are intertwingled in a joyous endorphin-raising plait"

Alison Kelnar, Physiotherapist

SongPath friend and fellow traveller, Alison Kelnar has reminded me of a beautiful term:

to intertwingle v. intr. a combinition of twine and mingle, when two things/experiences/people/beings are wound/mingled together in a deep, complex, mutually illuminating way; at once dissolving boundaries and affirming definition; it is a well known fact that things/experiences/people/beings, which have intertwingled, SPARKLE.

INTERTWINGLE : Ceramic Art by Kyung-Mo Koo

Here, Ali takes us on a joyous bike ride around Edinburgh, with all the intertwingling that entails:

I have been cycling on the car-free cycle paths around Edinburgh much more than usual during lockdown, and luckily the weather has been glorious which has helped a lot. I used to cycle a lot as a child and have always loved the freedom it gives me and the sights, colours, smells of nature and the feeling of fresh air moving past my face.

I had a real epiphany courtesy of BBC Radio 3 early one morning when they played a track from Kraftwerk to celebrate the life of one of the founders of the group who had just sadly died. I confess to not even having heard of the group until then, but I LOVED the track they played…”Tour de France”.

Instantly, I engaged with the pace and joy of bicycling by myself through countryside and enjoying the restorative properties of natural beauty. If you don’t know the track I highly recommend it. Now the views I see and that musical track are intertwingled in a joyous, endorphin-raising plait.

Incidentally, my son is hugely impressed that his 69 year old mother has become a fan of Kraftwerk and says I should definitely go clubbing with him (I think I’ll pass on that)! I’m now listening to more of their tracks and getting enjoyment as I get to know more of them. My husband (Chris) has yet to be converted!

Here are few photos of what I saw on my bike ride yesterday; I hope you enjoy them. The May (Hawthorn) trees were in full blossom, reminding me strongly of David Hockney’s 'The Arrival of Spring' pictures displayed in Salts Mill in Yorkshire.

Embrace the intertwingularity of your life, and let us know of your greatest intertwingled moments.

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