“Fantastic organisation – thanks to all the stewards who made the walk so easy to follow.  The music was sublime and lovely to have the mix of poetry and types of music and to have the two local choirs join in.  I am sure for the Mind singers it was a memorable and inspiring opportunity. Organising the ice cream (and the weather to rain whilst we were undercover) was also inspired.”

“The success of producing music relating to and included in the natural environment.  The choirs were beautiful and the instrumental works in the open air were so thought provoking.”

“It just unfurled. Everything became possible on the SongPath.”


“We appreciated it on all sorts of levels but I think the most important part was the link made between Mental Well-being and both walking and music.”

“It was relaxed, good fun, not pressurised.  The music was very wonderful. I was especially moved by the harp in the woodlands beside the stream.  The choirs were really excellent. I also appreciated the meditation and talk about the reaction of the brain to music.  I stayed to walk the maze at the end and treated it as an opportunity to thank you all in a very quiet way for bringing a sense of tranquillity to us all.  I came with an open mind and enjoyed every moment of the day. Thank you all for the careful thought and hard work and the “giving of yourselves” to the event.”